Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation

Manifesto 0.1

This is a manifesto ‘in-the-making’ on transformative social innovation towards more sustainable, just and resilient societies.

It is written by and for activists, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, citizens, critical intellectuals and other engaged individuals who are interested in understanding and contributing to social change to face the challenges of our times and to imagine alternative futures.

The aim of this document is to unite those people, to identify complementarities, differences, common insights and challenges. The purpose of doing so is to formulate a common call for action to create focus and momentum for collaboration. To this end, this manifesto also deliberates what we mean by ‘transformative’ and ‘social’ innovation, what it has to offer and what sets it apart from other types of change or innovation.

We call this manifesto in the making a “version 0.1” because it aims to function as a start for discussion and deliberation, where we invite people to adapt the manifesto according to their own local contexts

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