M’barek Bouhchichi: The Invisibility of Black Moroccans (Interview: Amina Alaoui Soulimani)

A Conversation with M’barek Bouhchichi on Art, Race, and Deconstruction

M’barek is an artist born in Akka, Morocco. One of his most recent works focuses on the history of black Amazighs in southern Morocco. He highlights many of the community’s practices in order to bring forward the established divisions of space and labour in Morocco.  I first encountered M’barek at the Kulte Gallery in July 2019 in Rabat at a roundtable themed on races and identities in Morocco which he chaired along with the Historian Rita Aouad. At the roundtable, M’barek repeatedly mentioned occurrences in which Black Moroccans continue to be invisible in public spaces, notably from television, — unless enacting specific roles that reinforce racist connotations and misrepresentations— and in the political arena. This interview is an extension of a conversation that must crucially be amplified. I asked M’barek about his artwork, inspirations, and the ways in which he bridges the seen, the unheard, and the silenced.

Bron: The Invisibility of Black Moroccans


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