Involving African People & People of African descent in discussion about “Black Pete” #VN #zwartepiet

De brief van de VN over Zwarte Piet (uittreksel)

> (…)
> 3. Please indicate to which extent your Government has involved the Dutch society, including African people and people of African descent, in the discussions regarding the choice of “Santa Claus and Black Pete” as expression of cultural significance in the country. >
> 4. Please provide the details, and where available the results, of consultations undertaken prior to the proposal of listing “Santa Claus and Black Pete” as World Intangible Heritage item. If no consultations have taken place, or if they have been inconclusive, please explain why. >
> 5. Please provide information about steps adopted by your Government to address the wider concern expressed by African people and people of African descent regarding the Black Pete figure as a stereotyped image stirring racial differences as well as racism. >
> We would appreciate a response within sixty days. Your Excellency’s Government’s response will be made available in a report to the Human Rights Council for its consideration. >
> While waiting for your response, we urge your Excellency’s Government to take all necessary measures to guarantee that the rights and freedoms of African people and people of African descent are respected. We also request that your Excellency’s Government adopt effective measures to prevent the recurrence of these acts. >
> Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of our highest consideration. >
> Verene Shepherd Chair-Rapporteur of the Working Group on people of African descent >
> Farida Shaheed Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights >
> IZSÁK Rita Independent Expert on minority issues
> Mutuma Ruteere Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance


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